30 Positive Affirmations for a Happy 2017

Our journey is all about storms.
You can choose to throw up your shields and hide until it passes, or throw on your boots and dance in the rain. No matter which way you choose to travel through these storms, you will get through.

Below are 30 of my favourite positive affirmations. May they bring hope, peace of mind, and the perseverance to always embrace your incredible light. Make 2017 your brightest year yet!

Start your day with the freedom of happiness. Thankfulness for the simple pleasures brings a joy that no one can take from you.

Embrace your uniqueness! If we were meant to be like everyone else we wouldn’t have been born different in the first place.

When you let your love shine, the whole world will shine with you.

If it feels like life is blowing you away, grab hold and embrace the winds of change.

Embrace your inner child so you can forget words like can’t and won’t, and replace them with yes and I will.

Even on your darkest days, you have inside you the strength and perseverance to let your light break free.

Believe in yourself! Make your dreams a reality by embracing your fears and diving back into life.

Hang in there! Even when your obstacles are bigger than you, there’s always a way through.

How we feel about ourselves is what we reflect to the world. Let your light shine!

The things that come to those who wait, can also be the things left behind by those that got there first. Chase your dreams!

Acceptance of your flaws is allowing yourself to be enough. Never be sorry for who you are.

Sometimes when we try new things we slip up a bit, hang on tight to your dreams and try again!

An animal loves without conditions or judgment. Love like an animal!

If you leave a little bit of your light everywhere you go, you will always find your way home.

Sometimes it takes a friend to lift our spirits. Be that friend!

Consider giving to those with less, even if all you can give is time and love.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you how or who to love. No one has a love like yours, own it, live it, be it!!

Stop worrying about things you can’t control. Be mindful of your moments, they won’t be repeated.

Celebrate yourself every day, not just because you can, but because you’re worth it!

You can accomplish anything you put your light into!

Ignite your childlike wonder, you can embrace the madness, achieve the impossible, and follow your dreams.

To do Today… Throw on your grateful gear, toss out your grumpy pants, live the happy life you deserve.

When you take the time to ponder who you really are, you realize, you really are a miracle.

It’s not about the opinion of others, it’s about your opinion of you! Listen to your heart and take those risks. Believe in your learning process and be faithfully guided to your destiny.

You are limited edition! Make every moment count!

Trust yourself to know, when to spread your wings and fly, and when to be still and shine.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Thankfully like the sun, we awaken with the chance to begin again.

True greatness lies in what you can give, not what you can get. Be a go-giver, rather than a go-getter.

Living a confident life is not being certain you will win. It’s being completely okay with the possibility of losing.

The universe has gifted you with another day on this journey, not necessarily because you needed it, but because someone else might need you.

– Jenny Tasker

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Making Paper Flowers from Medicine Cups

I first connected to spirit during a traumatic experience at the tender age of five. Throughout my childhood the abuse continued, and I had many health struggles, but every time I lost my way, I was always guided back to my light, and found a way to rise above and beyond each phase I went through. I enjoyed, the best of every single day, I did a lot of writing, and spent my time mostly alone, and almost always with Nature.  

I met my husband and soul mate in my 18th year. We have had an amazing time growing, learning and making mistakes together. We both really wanted a family of our own, but it was to be a long hard road, as I was living with a diagnosis of Stage 4 Endometriosis. I had a total of 27 surgeries, and 17 miscarriages over the course of the next 10 years, the last surgery being a total hysterectomy. We endured great loss, but our unwavering faith blessed us with two beautiful children, (Our daughter, now 21, and our son, almost 18.) never giving up on them being in our life.  

One day, on my daughters 14th birthday, I came down with a sudden case of hives. I thought, something must have got me, so I took some meds and waited it out. But days later I was only getting worse, having all sorts of scary symptoms, and I ended up in the emergency room in full anaphylaxis. The cause: Unknown. 

After a whirlwind of Specialists, I was diagnosed with a very rare hereditary condition called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. (The Allergic to the World Disease)

Well this really sucks, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me, I refused to accept this.  I became virtually obsessed with finding a cure, continued to hit roadblock, after roadblock. The fear that I have passed this scary disease on to my children, pretty much made lose my mind, and eventually, instead of finding this great cure, I was consumed by the condition itself. 

I had done it, I became my illness.

I completely lost my faith in myself, my light, even with spirit itself.

Everyday I’d ask, “Where are you now?”, “How much can one soul endure?”,

 “Why are you not here when I need you the most?”

I was deflated, and lost. Not understanding at the time, that all of these answers had to come from me, from the acceptance, I was hiding from.
I withdrew from all of my friends and family, from life. I had lost faith in my light. I spent my days in a illness coma, lying in bed, depressed, anxious all the time and terrified to leave my own home for fear of a flare. 

This went on for 3 years and then it finally happened.  

I went into a horrible flare that I couldn’t get out of, and it had landed me in the hospital, so sick that I should have already passed forward. Surrounded by doctors, I was suddenly overcome with the most glorious and beautiful light-filled feeling, greater and more powerful than I had ever experienced before in my life. I thought this was the end for me, but instead, I was completely washed with love, finding myself crying tears of joy. Meanwhile the doctors that had been with me must have felt what was happening, because they just quietly backed out of the room, leaving me alone with my special moment. 

I was blessed with my reconnection with spirit, and our life source.
I couldn’t believe it, you were there all this time, my light was never really lost. I felt overcome that I could feel the joy and gratitude of just being alive, the very miracle of our existence, how lucky we are to have this opportunity, finding a total acceptance of all that I am, and reminding me that I am growing and strengthening my souls path. That I really am beautiful, and that it is okay to be sad sometimes, to make mistakes, but we always must learn and grow from them, or else we will stay stuck just existing, and that’s not what we are here for.  

They know me rather well at our local ER, but each time I have a health setback, I don’t let it discourage me. I never lose my belief and faith that I will get through and beyond this.     I spend my time making paper flowers out of medicine cups for the nurses, trying to bring a smile to their tired scared faces, as they attempt to deal with a terrifying illness that no one really understands. I stay focused on my light and manage to get myself well enough to be at home with my family again. (My son is more symptomatic than my daughter, but both are thriving beautifully!) Each day I am getting stronger, it may not always seem like it, because with this condition is very unpredictable, and I go into flares daily, but I feel stronger, I feel lighter, and I feel empowered. I know that if I just remain focused on my light and spirit guidance, that I can achieve my world changing dreams. That just being me is enough. Even if this body of mine wants to challenge my every step, I will still take those steps, as I just know that what is on the other side of this incredibly difficult health struggle, is going to be absolutely magnificent.  

Namaste, Jenny 

One Step at a Time

One step at a time, is what it will takeWhen it’s all way to much, and you’re ready to break.

Give in to those tears, have your moments of sorrow

Push through those fears, with the hope of tomorrow. 

Keep your head held high, don’t miss out on a thing

It’s amazing the blessings, those moments will bring.
You could give up I suppose, slam the door on this fate,

you could keep it closed, and then sit and wait.

But you’re not going anywhere, till you’re damn good and ready.

So you might as well walk through, slow and steady.
If you look you will see, that beacon of light

It’s what pushes you forward, to continue your fight.

You know there is more, to see and to do, 

but you hold yourself back, for fear of seeing it through. 
Every new challenge, both a win, and disgrace, 

is a growth opportunity we are here to face.

So stand tall and push forth, with all of your might,

don’t ever let anything, diminish your fight.
If we continue on through, one step at a time,

breathing in and out, as each moment subsides.

We will notice new things, that will brighten our day,

and every new step, will light our way.

Our spirit will thrive, through releasing our wrath,

and our souls will shine, accepting our path. 

What If That Someone Was You?

Negative self-talk is our biggest nemesis as human beings. We constantly listen to that always yelling ‘Ego’, and its need to be heard. It’s sometimes greedy and can be mean, but it can also be right and rational, reminding us to take care of ourselves first. Which we must! Besides, if you are also listening to the light whispers of how beautiful, smart, and loved you are, then nothing anyone can say, not even you, can make it true.

Being our own worst enemy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and yet we all do it. Much too often we catch ourselves saying terrible things in our heads, or even out loud. Putting down our spirit and light, all throughout the day. I often find that I say to myself, ‘you idiot’, or, ‘that was dumb’. Then I have to apologize to myself for lying, because I am so not an idiot or dumb.
If you catch yourself doing this, stop and apologize to yourself right away!! You deserve to be treated with honor and respect. If you don’t honor, love, and respect yourself, how can anyone else? Be that someone, looking at yourself in the mirror each morning, seeing your beauty for what it is – a magnificent light. Seriously, do you know how vast and wide our existence is? And here you are, a beautiful miracle!
Waking up with a ‘Hello Beautiful’ in the mirror is something you deserve, and what a marvelous thing to hear and feel at the start of your day! Acknowledging and appreciating the smart and creative things that you do is sharing your very given gift with the world, and it’s your journey. If you truly love yourself, you will feel full of this amazing lightness that will emit and glow outwards, towards all that come in contact with you.
Now go be that someone.

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